Bitterroot School of Music

Music for Everyone

Summer Classes

"Beginning Guitar" with Alex P.

This 3 day class will focus on the basics in a fun and engaging setting. Open to all styles and interests. Come to learn, strum, pick and enjoy the guitar!

JULY:  12 - 14th:  1:30 to 3:00 pm

JULY: 19 - 21st: 1:30 to 3:00 pm

"Beginning Drum Line" with Alex P.  

Students in the beginning drumline class will learn essential techniques, rudiments, and music to gain a strong foundation to start their drumline journey.

JULY:  12 - 14th:  10 to 11:30 pm

JULY: 19 - 21st:  10 to 11:30 pm

3 day, 4.5 hours of instruction.

1 Full Class $90.00

"Intermediate Guitar" with Jenn Adams

This 2 day class will focus on expanding fretboard knowledge, scales and soloing techniques as well as right hand technique. Bring your playing to the next level!

JULY:  16 - 17th:  12 to 2pm

"Music Theory" with Jenn Adams

Learn the building blocks of music language.  Understand the diatonic family of chords, scale logic and how to use chord tones to build strong melodies in composition and arranging.  Change the way you listen and play music!

JULY:  16 - 17th:  2:30 - 4:30pm

2 day, 4 hours of instruction.

1 Full Class $80.00

Please feel free to stop by Rooted Music or call: 406.363.5491

to pay for camps and classes.

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